Software That Supports Small Business Development and Growth

Our all-in-one platform provides the necessary tools needed by community-based organizations to connect small businesses to the relationships, opportunities, and assistance they need to thrive.

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SYNGINE [ sin-juhn ]


the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects


a means by which something is achieved, accomplished, or furthered

The Syngine platform supports small business development by providing networking tools to the organizations that support them. The platform serves as a hub for contracting opportunities, small business directories, B2B communications and more. Syngine also provides administrators with data analysis tools that provide insights on engagement and opportunities for re-optimization.

By incorporating Syngine into your workflow, you can make coordinating and executing on your business incubation efforts much easier.

Technology for Community Development 

An equitable economy requires new tools to make it easier for businesses, institutions, and community stakeholders to work together to expand opportunity and build wealth

Opportunity Engine

Centralize contract opportunities to make it easier for businesses in your ecosystem to find and win contracts.

Support Engine

Work collaboratively to assist businesses in your ecosystem and get resources where they are most needed.

Ecosystem Engine

See all the stakeholders in your business ecosystem and foster sharing, collaboration and transparency.

Our Partners / Trusted By 

The Black Government Contracting Club

Ascend National Network

Jerome Avenue Revitalization Collaborative

Tim Gamory



Tim Gamory

After 4 years working with small businesses, institutions, and community stakeholders in the Bronx, Tim created SYNGINE to fill a gap in the usage of technology to connect and support initiatives aimed at building wealth and expanding opportunity through small business development.

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